Short history of China between 1911-1949
This introduction describes the road to the creation of the Common Program. It starts in Part 1 and Part 2 with a short history of China between 1911 and 1949.
Part 3 and Part 4 define the relation between the CCP and other political parties and social organization (Minzhu Dangpai).
In Part 5, the influence of the SU in preparing a consultative conference will be discussed.
Part 6 covers the 2nd plenum of the 7th Central Committee of the CCP. Here, the basis is laid for cooperation with the Minzhu Dangpai.
Part7 gives details about the preparatory meeting between members of the CCP and Minzhu Dangpai in June 1949.
In Part 8, the preparation of the CCP for a complete seizure of power is described. Liu Shaoqi’s secret trip to the SU for aid and Mao Zedong’s “On the people's dictatorship.”
The Minzhu Dangpai’s attitude towards the CCP, towards the SU, and towards the role of government is highlighted in Part 9.
Part 10 and Part 11 deal with the first plenum of the CPPCC in September 1949. The delegates are introduced. The value of the Common Program and the other decisions made at this plenum are delineated.
Part 12 describes the new government, the appointment of new ambassadors, and the recruitment of cadres.
Finally, Part 13 deals with the background of the cadres and the conflicts arising after the takeover.

Part 2 

The course of the civil war between January 1949 and September 1949


Crossing the Yangtze

Defecting of GMD troops

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Part 3 

The first steps to establish cooperation between the CCP and other political parties



Provisional program of actions

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Part 5  

The role of the Soviet Union in creating a political consultative conference


Planning a consultative conference

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Part 6  

Second plenum of the 7th Central Committee of the CCP

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Part 8 

The prelude to the Plenum of the first CPPCC and Mao Zedong’s ‘On the people’s democratic dictatorship'


On the people's dictatorship

The role of the Minzhu Dangpai

Aftermath of the preparatory June Meeting

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